Vacation time is precious — make every moment memorable. Royal Caribbean® and Norwegian Cruise Lines can take you to unforgettable shores, bucket list-worthy spots or even game-changing private destinations. With the best cruise ships in the world, sail to the adventure of your dreams.

Five Star Travel takes the stress out of planning the perfect getaway! Our agents will coordinate each detail of your trip and plan the relaxing cruise vacation you deserve. Travel from Bucks County or anywhere else in the United States with our concierge-style travel planning service. We’ll help make sure your family, group or couples cruise is smooth sailing the whole way through.

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Smart Payment Plan

Our smart payment plan is as easy as 1-2-3!
  1. Make a down payment on your planned trip
  2. Make weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments, depending on your trip’s date
  3. Enjoy your vacation!
We NEVER charge you interest or finance fees. No service fees, either!


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Our travel experts go above and beyond to make your trip go smoothly.

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We provide concierge-level service every step of the way.

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Our services are FREE! It will cost you the same or LESS to book through us (vs. travel sites or doing it yourself).

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Visit our Pixie Dust & Wishes page for Disney FAQs or our Traveler Resources page for more frequently asked questions.

You need a passport to travel outside of the United States. If you are sailing on a closed loop cruise, a state issued birth certificate and photo ID will suffice. We always recommend you travel with a passport, even on cruises. If there is some sort of emergency and you need to fly home, it WILL require a passport. Best advice: Don’t leave your country without a passport.

Read more on the TSA website:

In most cases, you will manage your cruise online after your deposit has been made. From there you can reserve specialty dining, excursions, and entertainment options if applicable to your cruise. Some cruise lines, such as Disney, will send printed documents and luggage tags. Other cruise lines will provide a link to print your luggage tags from home. A good way of keeping your printed luggage tags from tearing is to use clear packaging tape to “laminate” them before securing them to your luggage.

When you arrive at the port, there will be a set location to leave your suitcases, or luggage handlers will take care of them. Your carry-on stays with you and you will see your luggage again when it arrives in the hallway outside your room, later in the afternoon. For disembarkation, there will be information provided by the cruise line as to what time your luggage needs to be placed outside your room on the last night. Crew members will come and collect it for you. It will be brought to a luggage claim area on the pier, where you will retrieve it following disembarkation. You do have the option of carrying your own luggage off the ship. If you have an early flight, it’s a good idea! Just be sure to keep everything you need with you, including your change of clothes for the next morning! You don’t want to disembark from the ship in your pajamas!

In most cases, NO. Sometimes, on embarkation day, if there is bad weather, a ship may delay sailing, but not usually. If you are at a port and you are on a SHIP-booked shore excursion, and the excursion runs late, the ship will wait for you. If you book a separate excursion, or you are busy shopping and lose track of time, the ship will NOT wait. They will sail without you and everyone on board will be greatly entertained as they watch you running down the pier as the ship pulls away. At that point, the best thing to do is take out your camera and snap a picture! It’s a rare photo opportunity to capture a cruise ship leaving the dock in front of you. Seriously, if that were to happen, you would seek help from officials at the port and contact your agent. We know you that you will be diligent and pay attention to the time you need to be back on board!

Special pricing and perks are usually offered while you are on your cruise. You must book before disembarkation in order to secure these benefits. Just be sure to contact your agent when you come home, so your reservation can be transferred to them. That way you will receive our services for your new booking as well!